Ofsted Report

Ofsted Report 2015

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Senior leadership is good and inspires staff and students. Leaders check teaching quality thoroughly and support staff well.

Students enter with low attainment and histories of fractured education.

They make rapid progress in learning and in resolving their emotional and social difficulties. All students gain external accreditation, tailored to their individual needs.
The sixth form is good. It successfully supports students to help them prepare for the move to college or employment opportunities.

Students’ social and emotional developments are monitored carefully, which helps them to make good progress. The school’s safe environment successfully helps to transform students’ behaviour.
The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students is exceptional. Students learn to collaborate, share and support each other extremely well.

Students understand that others might hold different views and attitudes and this helps prepare them well for life in modern Britain.

Throughout the school, teaching is at least good. It re-engages students in learning and helps them to enjoy their education, often for the first time.
Leaders monitor teaching and learning effectively, and ensure that they meet all the independent school regulations.

Those responsible for governance support and challenge staff well. They have helped ensure that this is good and improving school.

Ofsted Report 2012
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As a result of outstanding teaching, students make good progress over time.

The school is extremely effective in developing high quality relationships with parents and carers which contribute positively to students’ emotional and social development and their readiness to learn.

Provision for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students is outstanding, as are arrangements for their safeguarding.
Quality of education

The curriculum is good. The National Curriculum programmes of study provide the basis for long- and medium-term planning, ensuring that all the required areas of learning are included. There is a suitable balance between academic and practical learning, and full account is taken of the individual learning styles and personal learning needs of each student. An excellent range of opportunities for active, practical learning is provided, as seen, for example, in a lesson on cooking crepes which successfully combined food technology with spoken French.

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