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My Journey at Spring Hill High School



I began my secondary school education in a mainstream school in Birmingham, but I could not manage my education there. I had a number of fixed term exclusions because of my anxieties which made me angry all the time. This continued during my early years at Spring HilI, I really struggled to control my emotions, I was always angry and was aggressive towards my teachers and my peers. I tried, but found it very difficult to engage in lessons. I worked with the doctors at CAMHS (now Forward Thinking Birmingham) and was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I was then placed on medication to help control my ADHD. I struggled to work with others, needed my own classroom and needed the support of adults at all times. By the end of Year 13,I became much better at managing my behaviour, I was working in groups, had done a number of work experience placements and I am now at college studying to become a chef.

The tables opposite tell you a little about my journey.



Year 7 - Academic Year 2011-2012

  How am I taught?   Attendance   % of responsibilty points kept   Academic outcomes

How many adults
support me?

One at all times. They tried me in small groups to start but it did not work. I needed two staff to support when I became anxious and when going on school trips.

How am I taught?
I am taught 1:1 by a teacher at all times.

Can I access groups?
I cannot access groups. I could not get on with my peers.

  189/252   On time and ready to start 50%   English 2a
  75% Listen and follow instructions 50% Maths 3c
    Appropriate language and behaviour 35% Science 2c
  Aspirations Show and earn respect 40% ICT 2c
  To be a fireman Complete task set 20% My Personalised Curriculum
  Preparation for Adulthood English NCL
Maths NCL
Science NCL
  *Learning how to behave appropriately at lunch and break time in order to build trust and confidence so that I can work as a part of a team.


Year 11 - Academic Year 2014-2015

  How am I taught?   Attendance   % of responsibilty points kept   Academic outcomes

How many adults
support me?

One, at all times. I am getting better at managing my behaviour and emotions so I rarely need the support of two (2 staff).

How am I taught?
I am still taught 1:1 with occasional group trials.

Can I access groups?
For PE, Maths,break and lunch,when going on school trips.

  244/252   On time and ready to start 85%   English GCSE E
  97% Listen and follow instructions 80% Maths June 2015
Nov 2015
    Appropriate language and behaviour 87% Science GCSE G
  Aspirations Show and earn respect 90% ICT GCSE U
  To be a fireman Complete task set 85% My Personalised Curriculum
  Preparation for Adulthood *Maths (GCSE)
*ICT(Functional Skills L1)
*History (Entry Level 3) Interventions
* Speech and Language,
* Social Skills
*Life skills,
*Music Therapy
My anxieties around exams are still very high. I do early entry exams to get me used to sitting them.
  I worked with the Careers advisor who encouraged me to do work experience. Work experience was a pretty scary thought but I really wanted to be a fireman so I tried it The fire service gave me the opportunity and I did work experience there for one week, it was brilliant, I absolutely loved it and the fire service said that I was very good. I could not have done it without the support from Vickie (careers advisor) and other staff members. Vickie was also impressed with my attitude and decided to get me doing more work experience. This time, I went to the Wyndley Leisure Centre, where I worked with the younger children helping them in different types of sports. That was also a very good experience, one which I really enjoyed. It made me realise that I could help younger children so I became a mentor for younger children in school.
  What do my parents/carers think about my progress?

‘Tyler’s teachers have worked extremely hard to support Tyler through some of his worst moments. They have supported him and communicated very effectively with myself and Tyler’s father. Tyler is more confident and happier with his home and school life. We as Tyler’s parents will carry on doing our bit to help Tyler to stay committed and focused. All my appreciation to the teachers efforts who has made Tyler the bright loving boy that he is today.’

Tyler’s Mom - Statement Review 2014 - Parent/Carer's’ view


Year 13 - Academic Year 2016-2017

  How am I taught?   Attendance   % of responsibilty points kept   Academic outcomes

How many adults
support me?

I have access to a Learning Support Assistant(LSA). I manage my emotions and behaviour without physical intervention from two adults.

How am I taught?
I am taught in small groups.

Can I access groups?
*I access groups at all times for all

      On time and ready to start     Functional Skills English AQA Level 1
    Listen and follow instructions   Food & Cookery NCFE Level 1
    Appropriate language and behaviour   Business & Enterprise NCFE Level 1
  Aspirations Show and earn respect   Employability Skills Award
Health & Fitness NCHE Level 1
  To become a chef Complete task set   My Personalised Curriculum
  Preparation for Adulthood

AQA Functional Skills English
NCFE Food and Cookery
NCFE Employability Skills
NCFE Health and Fitness
NCFE Business and Enterprise.

* Social Skills and counselling with the Life skills Coach,
* Career Advice- Career Advisor.
*Work with Aim Higher mentor who helps me to understand college.

  At the start of the year I went back to the Fire Service and completed another week of work experience. I received a certificate of excellence, but then decided I was going to focus on my cooking. I began working closely with the Chef at Stuart Court, Brendan, and he helped me to develop my skills in the kitchen. I would then go to the other school sites and support in the kitchen to build my confidence. I also started mentoring some of the younger students on the other sites, I quite liked this, because I could see myself in some of them. I then went on to do further work experience at the BCU which has led to me enrolling on a catering course for when I leave Spring Hill. During the year I accessed the the STEPS programme (weekly careers lessons), I have been on career trips, eg.The Skills Show, Career Live and the Big Bang Science Fair. I was also able to work with the Aim Higher programme, which has given me some really good guidance for the future. I still get really very anxious about some things, but I am a lot more independent and I am a lot better at managing my emotions and my behaviour.
  What do my parents/carers think about my progress?

‘We are very pleased with how Tyler is getting on in school. We believe that Tyler is ready to attend mainstream college with the support that he got from Spring Hill. The arrangements that the school made for him to have experience working at Birmingham U was very good. He benefitted from seeing his chosen career at sight. He has matured into a wonderful young man. The support from his peers and staff at Stuart Court (Spring Hill High School Post -16 provision) has helped him to try and improve his school work to reach his target.’

Tyler’s Mom - EHCP Review 2017 - Parent/Carers view