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Business Studies


VCert Business and Enterprise


Learners are awarded a Level 1/2 VCert in Business and Enterprise.

Student Book

Student workbooks are provided to help Learners which is relevant to the curriculum. Learners are encouraged to work independently to carry out research required.

Assessment in Business Studies

VCert in Business and Enterprise is a new and exciting course that allows learners to complete internal units work and has no exam element.

Learners' skills, knowledge and understanding will be measured against the standards set in a qualification. The assessment for the NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Business and Enterprise is an internally assessed portfolio of evidence. This will be graded by centre staff and externally moderated by NCFE.

Progression opportunities

Learners who achieve this qualification could progress onto other V Cert qualifications, such as: NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Business and Enterprise or further Level 2 qualifications and GCSEs, such as: NCFE Level 2 Award and Certificate in Developing Enterprise Skills or GCSE in Business

SMSC in Business and Enterprise
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Learners develop their ability to understand the importance of social, moral and cultural changes. The different spiritual beliefs of people play a key role in business planning. Learners are made aware that these beliefs need to be considered when bringing out new products and often embed this practice when they are planning their own enterprise product idea. This leads onto the Learners having the chance to work in teams, be creative, use their problem solving skills and adapt products to meet the wants and needs of customers with different beliefs. Learners explore equal opportunities legislation and how it has changed over time. This provides the opportunity for them to form their own opinions and broaden their morals.

Learners will be aware of different cultures and are able to work in group situations to discuss the effects of culture on business today. Learners to learn to discuss how different multinational organisations trade in different cultures and backgrounds. Learners look at the production of goods and the recruitment and retention of staff. They practice role play interviews, which enables them to form their own views and opinions, understand the consequences of their actions and apply this to real life business situations.

Business and Enterprise offers the opportunity to develop personal qualities and social skills, by participating in projects such as Young Enterprise and the National Enterprise Challenge. They interact with the local community and real business people to practice customer service and develop their presentation and social skills. They participate in lots of group work in lessons, as well as practical tasks that relate to real business tasks and software.


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Business Studies Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 4 & 5

VCert Level 1

  Term   Subject content

Autumn 1 & 2


Unit 01 Introduction to business and enterprise

This unit aims to give learners an introduction to business and enterprise.

Learners will:

  • State what a project is
  • Outline a project idea
  • State the need to plan
  • Give a basic outline of what could be included in a plan for a business or enterprise project

Unit 02 Marketing for business and enterprise

This unit aims to give learners an insight into marketing for business and enterprises. It includes aspects of marketing, methods of market research and the marketing mix.

Learners will:

  • Define marketing
  • Define mass and niche marketing
  • Define product and market orientated marketing
  • Identify target markets
  • Define primary and secondary market research
  • Outline the marketing mix

Spring 1 & 2


Unit 03 Finance for business and enterprise

This unit aims to provide learners with a basic knowledge of finance for a business or enterprise. It includes funding, cash flow, budgets and tax.

Learners will:

  • Identify different sources of business funding
  • Identify positive and negative aspects of different sources of business funding
  • Define fixed, variable costs, cash flow, budgets, breakeven and profit and loss
  • Understand responsibilities regarding tax and National Insurance liabilities in the UK

Summer 1 & 2


Unit 04 - Plan, outline and take part in a business or enterprise project

This unit outlines a project plan and gives learners the opportunity to take part in a project. The learner will then go on to review their own contribution and the overall success of the project.

Learners will be:

  • Selecting appropriate projects Identifying aims and an objectives
  • Conducting basic primary or secondary market research for the project
  • Outlining a basic project plan to include: the aim and objective research marketing finance risk or reward
  • Taking part in a project.

Enrichment Opportunities:

Enterprise Week - Learners will have the opportunity to participate in Enterprise Week. Learners are given the opportunity to design, develop, create their own products and then present it to a panel of judges.

Visits to real businesses such as Cadbury world, Local football clubs and Drayton Manor.