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Curriculum Information


As a school our aim is to provide learning opportunities that will develop our students to become responsible, respectful, confident, independent, young adults who make a positive contribution to, and are prepared for life beyond Spring Hill High School.

The main Principles of the curriculum.

  • All students follow a personalised curriculum based on prior attainment data, CEM data, For Skills data,  student aspirations and challenging targets.

  • All students will develop Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills.

  • All students will be actively involved in British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect of those with different faiths and beliefs.

  • All students to develop an understanding of the world in which they live, and be prepared to contribute to their community.

  • Learning will be will be relevant to the context of life and work.





Curriculum Outcomes

The curriculum will:

  • Provide balance, relevance, differentiation and progression.
  • Promote knowledge and understanding, physical and interpersonal qualities, values and attitudes.
  • Be increasingly diverse and flexible while promoting the individualised learning and facilitating the national agenda.
  • Provide work related learning.
  • Provide parents/carers/social worker with curriculum information relevant to their child.
  • Lead to qualifications that are that are of worth for employers, and for entry to higher and further education.
  • Prepare students to make informed and appropriate choices at the end of Key Stage 3,  Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.

 Student Outcomes

The curriculum will prepare students for the future by:

  • Securing achievement in Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Develop lifelong independent learning  .
  • Ensuring courses provide progression and continuity in learning experiences.
  • Students will be exposed to a broad and balanced relevant, differentiated curriculum to meet the needs of a full range of abilities.
  • Enabling students to reach their full potential.
  • Supporting students to secure understanding of personal moral values, respect for religious values, and tolerance of other races, beliefs and the way of life.
  • Preparing students to make informed and appropriate choices at Key Stage 4 and 5.

Curriculum Provision

Key Stage Three

Students follow the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3. This include: Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Physical Education, Religious Education, Design Technology, Art, ICT and PHSE/Career Options.

Students have the opportunity to achieve a number of AQA Unit Awards.

Key Stage Four and Five

A full complement of GCSE which includes;

  • AQA GCSE English and English Literature
  • AQA GCSE Mathematics
  • AQA GCSE Science Trilogy
  • AQA GCSE Biology
  • AQA GCSE Geography
  • AQA GCSE History
  • AQA GCSE Citizenship
  • AQA GCSE Computing Science
  • AQA GCSE Business Studies
  • AQA GCSE Art
  • AQA Level 1/Level 1 Preparation for Working Life
  • AQA FCSE Spanish

A number of Functional Skills

  • English Step up - Silver, Bronze, Gold
  • Maths Entry Level 1 - Level 2

Sports Coaching Level and Level 2

The Art Awards

Physical Education