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Personal Social Health Education -PSHE


The world in the 21st Century can be a daunting and difficult place to live in whatever age you are but especially for young people. At Spring Hill High School we consider PSHE a vital tool in preparing our students for the world they are entering and the challenges they may face.

Through our curriculum we offer students the chance to explore difficult and challenging concepts which will help them enjoy their lives to the full and give them strategies to stay safe in an ever changing world.

Our approach to PSHE is always centred on the needs of the pupils. Their journey through the curriculum will be unique to them. For example one student may not be emotionally ready to learn about sexual relationships because of their previous history at the point the National Curriculum may indicate they should. Nevertheless the subject will be returned to at an appropriate time as to do otherwise would be to not prepare the student for their journey into adulthood.

The school places a particular value on topics which will help safeguard the students and teaches topics which addresses issues such as Keeping Safe Online , Child Sexual Exploitation and Preventing Radicalisation.


PSHE Education programme of study

Our Curriculum for PSHE education identifies the key concepts, skills and attributes that are developed through PSHE education. It also contributes to ensuring that Spring Hill High School is fulfilling its statutory responsibility to safeguard pupils, support their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

Our PSHE Curriculum was produced with the students needs we serve in mind and it is regularly updated to meet these changing needs.

The programme of study includes three core themes:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Living in the Wider World

Our Spring Hill High School curriculum aims to develop skills and attributes such as resilience, self-esteem, risk-management, team working and critical thinking in the context of learning grouped into three core themes: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world (including economic well-being and aspects of careers education).



PHSE Curriculum Overview

SHHS has flexible PSHE curriculum. We teach all the recommended topics but we adapt the programme to the needs of an individual pupil. For example if a KS4 student will has missed a significant portion of their education it may be more appropriate to begin with KS3 topics.


The Program of Study at KS3

  PHSE Focus   Subject content
  Careers development (CEIAG)  

Personal Finance, Career options and employability skills. The STEPS programme.


Online Safety, Cyberbullying, CSE

  Healthy Lifestyles  

Drugs and Alcohol, Making Healthy Choices, Puberty, Sexual Health

  Democracy and Justice  

The democratic process, Citizens and Parliament, Law and Order

  Rights and Responsibilities  

Equality, supporting and protecting rights


The Program of Study at KS4

  PHSE Focus   Subject content
  Careers development (CEIAG)  

CV writing, Career planning, Work experience preparation


Online safety, Sexting, Grooming, preventing radicalisation

  Healthy Lifestyles  

Mental and emotional health, Sexual Health, Healthy Lifestyles

  Democracy and Justice  

Citizenship in the UK, British Democracy

  Rights and Responsibilities  

Equality , conflicting and competing rights


The Program of Study at KS5

During KS5 weekly tutorials and group sessions will reinforce learning from the previous Key Stages and respond to the individual's needs where appropriate. Our key topics are incorporated and integrated into all subjects, form English, Employability, Sociology and Science.

  PSHE Focus   Subject content
  Careers development (CEIAG)  

Identifying Careers
We work with students to help them explore what influences them and identify possible future careers.

Offer guidance of how to access impartial careers information.

Learn about a wide variety of job roles
Identify different kinds of work and why people’s satisfaction with their working lives varies.

Guidance and support for employment
Offer help on how to prepare and present yourself well when going through the employment selection process. Role play real life situations to prepare all students into approaching specific scenarios in the working environment.


Online Life
Discussions around internet safety and how to make students secure online.

Explaining about the law and repercussions, the legal and mental consequences. Offer support and guidance and build up confidence and self awareness.

Preventing radicalism
Discussion around the definition and awareness of radicalisation, the warning signs and help and support networks.

  Healthy Lifestyles  

Mental Health
How to look after your mental health, awareness of issues and support networks.

Working against stigmas and raising awareness of issues such as male suicides.

Sexual Health
Education and awareness of the importance of sexual health and where to get advice and guidance.

Healthy lifestyles
Healthy eating, exercise and maintaining and work/life balance.

  Health and Safety  

First Aid
Discussions around the necessity of first aid and how to cope in a first aid situation.

We offer short first aid courses with certificates.

Safety in the workplace
The laws and regulations around health and safety, and the responsibilities to it.

  Democracy and Justice  

Students look at democracy and socialism. Develop an awareness of capitalism and its faults.

The Judicial system
Discussions around the current laws and courts and changes over time to access and equality.


Rights and Responsibilities
Assess the definition of citizenship, political participation and solidarity while developing autonomy and open mindness.

Becoming a valued member of the community and society, with high knowledge and respect for different cultures and ethnicities.


Political Parties
Look at the modern political parties and their manifestos.

The election and voting process.

Current Issues :
- Political changes to the education system, academies and trusts.
Health - The importance of the NHS and the threats to it, eg privatisation.
Security - threats and responses to national security.


Environmental awareness
Awareness of environmental issues and the dangers and threats, and what students can do to help.

Refugee crisis
Educating students to have an awareness, develop empathy and aid action.

Look at the work some charities do to help and support others in desperate need and how to help and aid these efforts.