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Able Gifted and Talented






Spring and Summer Term 2017

Our Aimhigher representatives have settled into their roles as mentors to some of our students here at school. Aimhigher, West Midlands is a partnership of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), schools, academies and colleges. Together, they want to make sure that young people from all different backgrounds have access to high quality, exciting and challenging experiences that enhance their careers education, motivate, inspire and provide accurate and impartial information, advice and guidance about higher education.



Summer 2017

We are very proud to announce that one of our Year 10 LAC students,who has been recognised as gifted and talented in Science and who has expressed an interest in going to university to further his education in Sports Science has been given an opportunity through the Aimhigher programme, to spend 3 days at the Birmingham City University Campus where he will experience life as a university student. He loved every moment of his experience and has been awarded a certificate for participation in the ‘Science of Life UniFest’. He has also been recognised as the student who asked the ‘Best Questions’ and has been nominated for a special award.


World Para Athletics Championship and Aegon Tennis Championship

Students that are recognised as gifted and talented in PE went to watch the Aegon tennis championships. The PE gifted and talented group have also had opportunity to attend the IAAF World Paraathelics Championship. They were very inspired by these two events.