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Travel Arrangements


Arrival and Departure


The school is not responsible for students' travel arrangements to and from school. Student travel is organised by the parent/foster carer/social worker.
If a student travels by taxi this arrangement must be made before the student's start date.




A large number of our students arrive by taxi and are picked up by taxi at the end of the school day. All students must be in class and ready to start lessons at 9:30 and no student is allowed to leave school before 2:30 Monday to Thursdays and at 2:00 on Fridays, except where it was agreed that, as a part of the induction process, a student will have a later start or an earlier finish to the school day. All arrivals after 9:30 are marked in the school’s register as late. If a student is to arrive after 9:30 or is to be collected before the end of the school day because of an appointment parents, carers or social workers must notify the deputy headteacher of the site that the student is on. The reason for the appointment must be stated so that the correct mark can be made on the school’s register.

Our school monitors attendance and lateness and there are procedures in place to address any individual concerns linked to attendance.