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SEND Vocabulary


Special Educational Needs has a wide ranging vocabulary, with many acronyms. Some of the most frequently used SEND terms include:

  ADD   Attention Deficit Disorder     CP   Child Protection
  ADHD   Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder     ASD   Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  SEMH   Social Emotional Mental Health     CAF   Common Assessment Framework
  DCD   Developmental Coordination Disorder     COP   Code of Practice
  EAL   English as an Additional Language     EP   Educational Psychologist
  PEP   Personal Education Plan     HI   Hearing Impairment
  KS   Key Stage     LAC   Looked After Child
  LEA   Local Educational Authority     MLD   Moderate Learning Difficulty
  NC   National Curriculum     OT   Occupational Therapy
  SEND   Special Educational Needs & Disability     SLT   Speech and Language Therapy
  SpLD   Specific Learning Difficulty     SLT(A)   Speech and Language Therapy Assistant
  VI   Visual Impairment     SENDCO   Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator
  YOT   Youth Offending Team     SENDCO(A)   Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator’s Assistant
  CAMHS   Child and Adolescent Health Services          
  LACES   Looked After Children Education Service