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Pupil Safeguarding Questionnaire Results

1. Do you like school?
Yes 60% No 20% Not Sure 20%
“ I don’t like it, I love it”
“ I like school because I get on with everyone”
“I don’t enjoy it but it’s ok”
“Because it's fun”
“It feels like home”
“Things are not what they used to be”
“I just don't like school not this school but just school in general”

2. Do you feel safe at school?
Yes 80% No 0% Not Sure 20%
“ At the end of the day I personally understand that we are safe”
“Yes because I have staff support”
“I will go to staff if needed”
“Yes man”

3. Are you making good progress at school?
Yes 57% No 20% Not Sure 23%
“Last year before I started I did not do any work”
“I'm still unemployed”
“Not sure”
“As I have so many issues arousing I do confess sometimes I just don't know.”

4. Does your teacher help you to get better at your work?
Yes 93% No 0% Not Sure 7%
“The teachers are amazing it's these bosses that are the problem”
“They're great at their job”
“If you ask for the support you get, you just have to cooperate for your own betterment”

5. Are lessons interesting?
Yes 70% No 20% Not Sure 10%
“I like all my lessons”
“Lessons are interesting to a degree but at the end of the day it's a lesson you learn and sometimes learning can be boring but that's life and it's for the betterment of the future.”
“A bit”

6. Do you think behaviour is mostly good?
Yes 57% No 17% Not Sure 26%
“Not sure”
“Sort of”
“Sometimes I can be quite wobbly but I will rain it in”
“Sometimes you feel you are not in a sixth form site due to immaturity and kids offs but understand people cope in own ways so no comment”
“Yes, but their is no point due to misunderstanding of problems.”
“It can dip every now and then”

7. Is there someone to talk to if you have problem?
Yes 80% No 13% Not Sure 7%
“All staff”
“I don’t tell anyone but if i did, I know who I could speak to”
“Lorraine, Donna, Claire,Sheraine”

8. Does the school deal with bullying well?
Yes 70% No 7% Not Sure 23%
“I have never been bullied”
“They deal with it well by shutting off social interaction between pupils”

9. Do you know how to keep yourself safe on the internet?
Yes 97% No 0% Not Sure 3%
“I’ve never been taught”
“Mans wizz kid”

10. Do you learn about healthy eating?
Yes 93% No 3% Not Sure 3%
“Yes, But I don't listen”
“Nelly cooks good and healthy schools”
“Not sure”