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Our Student Council

Spring Hill High School Student Council Mission Statement


At Spring Hill High School we have a very vibrant Student Council. Students develop their understanding of the British Value of democracy by electing a site representative each year. The site representative promotes “student voice” within their site and takes ideas forward to student council meetings with the Sean McGowran who is also the school’s lead teacher for SMSC. This supports the students to engage in the further British Values of the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance.


Discussions are focused around these ideas and ways of improving the school. These views are taken back to senior leadership meetings and plans are put into place to action them. Recent ideas that have been actioned are a Jamaican themed lunch, new goals at the Slade Road site and a trampoline for the back garden at Hunton Road.

Meeting Minutes:

Below are the minutes of our meetings.
We use these to remember what we have done and what our next steps are.



‘Our school council wants to make a positive change for all the students at Spring Hill High School, where all students voices are heard, to make our school a happy and safe place’.

Statement put together by Student Councillors (2018-2019)



“We need additional set of goal post for the back garden."
Student Voice - Slade Road


“We need more extra-curricular activities after school. (debate time, sport time).”
Student Voice - Stuart Court - Post 16


“We need more ice lollies during warm times.”
Student Voice - Orchard Road


“We need more laptops to complete tasks instead of the stand-alone computers that are in the classrooms.”
Student Voice - Wood End Lane


“We need a trampoline for the back garden .”
Student Voice - Hunton Road