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Our Spring Hill High School Vision

Our Spring Hill High School Aims


Giving every student the best opportunity to realise their potential.




In providing a caring, nurturing environment Spring Hill High School aims to

  • Recognise the worth, individuality and potential of each student;
  • Give access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum throughout the school day and in the home setting where appropriate. This will include the National Curriculum, at whatever level is judged to be appropriate to the individual needs, age and intellectual developmental state of the student;
  • Support students to enable them to modify inappropriate social behaviours;
  • Promote effective communication skills, using a range of approaches and techniques;
  • Implement individual educational plans as a team, ensuring consistency across educational and residential settings;
  • Prepare students for the transition from school into the wider community, and for the demands they will meet in their future lives by teaching practical, functional, vocational, careers and life skills;
  • Develop understanding and respect for all cultures and enhance students, spiritual, moral and social development;
  • Promote students’ ability to make choices and decisions, and develop leisure and recreational skills;
  • Work in partnership, where possible, with parents and other family members;
  • Provide opportunities for students to participate in activities in the wider community;
  • To promote respect for, and understanding of, British Values, the culture and religious principles of others and to challenge any form of discrimination;
  • Promote equal opportunities.

Our Spring Hill High School Ethos


Our ethos is to use the family social model to create a friendly, safe nurturing environment.