Pupil Premium

In the year 2018-2019 Spring Hill High School received Pupil Premium Plus for four pupils who are looked after and are in the care of Birmingham Children’s Trust.  The money is held by the Virtual School Head and released to school on completion of setting appropriate personalised targets through individual PEP meetings.

For the majority of students at Spring Hill High School there are significant barriers to learning and achievement, we are using Pupil Premium Plus to raise achievement and to break down these barriers to learning with a high focus on targeting student’s emotional wellbeing.

Intervention Description  Monitoring and Evaluation Impact 
Music Therapy 1:1 direct Music Therapy to develop students

Regular feedback from Therapist and regular reports written.


PP Enrichment trackers for both DH and DT

Students enjoy music making with the therapist. 

Developing reciprocal communication and respect. Students value the sessions and often do not recognise they are in a therapy session. 

Developing towards their EHC outcomes.

Roots to Fruit

Alternative education facility and accredited training, providing horticultural activities so that students find purposeful activities that will improve health, well being and economic prospects.

Regular updates from Jonathon at Roots to Fruit.

Direct reports back from staff at SHHS who have been supporting our students.

Students achieving a horticultural qualification.

Building resilience and a sense of self-worth.

Developed the desire to learn and gain qualifications in horticulture.

Sensory items

Purchase of sensory items for Orchard Road.

Develop a sensory box that a CiC student can take responsibility for.

Signing in / out sheet to monitor usage - are students aware of the box?

Feedback from SHHS staff on use. 

Feedback from Music Therapist.

Meeting the sensory needs of our CiC.

Regulating their behaviour.

Allowing students freedom of choice.

Developing responsibility and independence with one of our CiC.

Emotion Coaching

Training for 80% of staff in Emotion Coaching

Feedback from staff following the CPD.

Use of Emotion Coaching in the classroom/teacher feedback.

Staff feedback following CPD - benefits for health purposes and doing these exercises with our YP. 

“The workshop was enjoyable and suitable for those with mental health difficulties.”

Sensory Room visits

Use of Barnardo’s sensory rooms as part of students sensory needs

Feedback / logs from staff following the visits.


PP Enrichment Tracker.


The pupils who received Pupil Premium Plus funding have benefited from:

  • Music Therapy intervention to support
  • Alternative curriculum, Roots to Fruit, Horticulture
  • Purchase of sensory items, e.g. cuddle ball, rocking chair, resistance bands
  • Training for all staff on ‘Emotion Coaching’
  • Sensory room visits at Barnardo's

The date of next pupil premium review is November 2020

  • "My daughter has really enjoyed the ‘Well-Being’ group that came into school, it has been very good for her”


  • “My son is doing brilliant at school and is really happy, he is making better progress and more importantly in his own well-being"


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