Code of Conduct

Expectations before and after school:

    Follow the instructions of staff.
    Show respect to adults and peers; use language appropriately.

Expectations during lessons:

  • Be on time and ready to start
  • Follow the instructions of staff at all times
  • Be respectful to staff
  • Be respectful to peers (if working in a group)
  • Complete tasks set
  • The use of the internet will be monitored by a staff at all times
  • No use of mobile phones in lessons.
  • Do not leave the classroom without staff’s permission

Expectations at breaktime and lunchtimes:

  • Follow the instructions of staff at all times.
  • Do not move around the school building without the permission or support of staff.
  • Interact appropriately with peers and staff.
  • Practise good social skills while at the dining table, no mobile phones or wearing of hoodies.
  • Engage in appropriate conversations.
  • Practise good social skills while playing with peers; good turn taking, proper use of language.

General expectations:

  • Mobile phones will not be allowed in school if they are a distraction, if they are putting students at risk or if they are preventing learning.
  • Personal items that were not agreed during induction as a part of the student’s programme will not be allowed in school. Students MUST hand personal items into the site deputy at the door at the start of the school day. These MUST be collected at the end of the day by the student.

Expectations while on mobility:

  •  Listen to staff and follow instructions
  •  Show respect to staff and peers
  •  Show respect to members of the community

Responsibility Points

The school’s core values and code of conduct are tied into a very robust reward system that is supported by five main points. These are referred to as the student's Responsibility Points. The basic concept behind the points system is that each student has responsibilities to himself or herself, and the others in the school.

Their actions are their responsibility. They have 5 points in their possession at the start of each lesson.

  • Point 1 - Be on time and ready to start
  • Point 2 - Listen and follow instructions
  • Point 3 - Use appropriate behaviour and language
  • Point 4 - Show and earn respect
  • Point 5 - Complete task set

Students choose to keep them, or give them away by not following the responsibility expectations of each point.

Each week, in Tutorial, the student reviews the points they have kept and receives a certificate to represent 40-59%; 60-79%; 70-99% or a Gold certificate which records the keeping of 100% of these points.

  • 'I just want to say how excellent Gareth's EHC annual review was this morning. I have been to many reviews at different schools and I must say I was really impressed with the preparation to ensure all aspects of his plan were addressed and everyone's view included. It was very child focussed and I have come away feeling confident in the school's ability to meet Gareth's needs.  The All About Me work is really valuable, this is something Children's Services in Warwick complete with Children in Care and I'm pleased to see it used in other contexts'.


    CW, Social Worker 

  • "My daughter has really enjoyed the ‘Well-Being’ group that came into school, it has been very good for her”


  • “My son is doing brilliant at school and is really happy, he is making better progress and more importantly in his own well-being"