Food Technology

This qualification is designed for students with an interest in food and cookery. It will provide students with experience of using different cooking techniques and methods to enable them to use these within further education or apprenticeships. It will give them a basic understanding of the skills required for a career in food.

Students at Spring High School will gain a broad knowledge and understanding of working with food and cookery as well as producing and serving food for all inclusive of culture religion and for those with allergies in our working kitchen, which caters for up to thirty covers.

It’s appropriate for students who are motivated and challenged by learning through hands-on experiences and through content which is concrete and related directly to those experiences. This Level 1 qualification is appropriate for students looking for an introduction to the skills needed for a career in the food and cookery.

This qualification shows students how to :

  • Prepare themselves and the environment for cooking,
  • Research factors that affect food choice and ingredient suitability selection
  • Understand the importance of a balanced diet is and reference intake (RI)
  • Adapt recipes to make them healthier, to plan and produce dishes for a purpose.

On completion of of the course students will know about:

  • Safe and hygienic preparation of the cooking environment
  • The main food groups and nutrients and how food labels inform healthy eating
  • Designing and creating menus to meet a brief selecting ingredients to cook dishes that are adapted for all with an emphasis on healthy eating.

Successful completion of this qualification will enable students to progress to the Level 2 qualification.

This qualification has been mapped to relevant National Occupational Standards for food and cookery. Students may, therefore, use evidence from this course towards the knowledge requirements of a relevant competence-based qualification. The knowledge and skills gained will provide an introduction to those interested in the food and cookery industry.

Assessment in Food and Cookery

Level 1 is equivalent to GCSE grades D-G;

Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE grades A*-C

Assessment: This will be ongoing through in class study and Pupil self assessment and peer assessment of work

There is an opportunity for students become certified in their study through the AQA Unit awards scheme

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